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Practical Analysis of Bit Error Rate with Respect to Link Distance in Free Space Optical Communication

In this investigation, we are trying to analyze the relation between Bit Error Rate (BER) versus link distance between trans-receiver in Free Space Optical Communication (FSO) system. This paper deals with the performance evaluation of BER with respect to path length under normal atmospheric conditions. A terrestrial FSO link is designed that offers high data rate optical communication system. BER is the most important parameter in case of FSO system that highly get affected by the others. During this analysis, a relation between minimum BER, optical power of laser and link distance would be observed because of which it becomes necessary to set the level of BER for experimental purpose so that an optimize and efficient system is created. Absorption, scattering and turbulence are the three major adverse effects that cause serious degradation in the performance of BER that may lead to communication link inoperable. Keywords: Free Space Optical communication, Optical Wireless Communication, laser, scintillation, Line of site.