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Quantification of Different Factors for Assessment of Foliar Diseses Through Image Processing

Agriculture is the primary source of food for the entire humanity. Diseases on crop plants play a significant role in degrading the quality of food products. So, detection of plant ailment is essential to increase the productivity as well as to minimize the crop yield losses too. Image processing techniques have vast applications in the field of agriculture. It leads to early detection and classification of various foliar diseases of plants. This method is more reliable, accurate and less time consuming as compared to visual analysis. Image acquisition is the first step in image processing. So, the main focus of our work is to elaborate the factors that are taken as a precautionary while capturing images along with the camera specifications. Different environmental factors are also considered in the present study that affects the assessment of foliar diseases through image processing with the limitation of the work. Keywords: Relative humidity; Temperature; Camera specifications; Foliar diseases; Shadow; Angle.