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The Indoor Thermal Comfort Research—Comparison of Simulated Data With Actual Measurement Data

With the advanced development of science and technology, the mechanization of society and the increasing degree of industrialization, people tends to spend longer time in room, approximately accounted for more than 80% of their total life time.Improving the indoor environment, especially the indoor thermal and humid environment, is one of the main ways to improve the quality of life. People pay great attention to the indoor thermal comfort and realized the importance of indoor environment quality, such as sound, indoor light condition, hot and humid environment and indoor air quality, which will have a direct impact on people's physical and mental health. Indoor environment refers to all the parameters of the room; these parameters can affect the heat transfer and indoor ventilation to affect the human body's thermal comfort. This paper mainly through the actual measurement data and simulation data are compared to the study of indoor thermal environment. Index Terms- Temperature;Humidity; Simulation; thermal comfort