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Toward a Reliable Sea Water Central Cooling System for a Safe Operation of Autonomous Ship

The sea water cooling system is one of the vital systems on board of conventional ship (CS). Even with the presence of human on board to intervene in case of its failure, this system has contributed to several catastrophic marine accidents. However, it must be improved in term of reliability and maintainability, to operate safely on board of autonomous ship (AS). In this paper, we analyse the existing sea water cooling system in term of reliability and maintainability and based on the obtained result, we propose an improved system, which might operate safely on board of AS. For an accurate analysis of the system, our approach consists of the collection of the relevant data on board of the visited ships, and the use of technical methodologies such as fault tree analysis (FTA) methodology and failure modes and effect analysis (FMEA) methodology. These methodologies permit the identification of the week loops of the system, and the components which demonstrate unsatisfactory reliability. The identified weak points of the system are improved, considering safety and energy saving. A benchmarking in term of reliability of the formal system and the improved system is presented. Keywords - Autonomous ship, FTA, FMEA, reliability, sea water central cooling system component,