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Rocket Science

Rocket science is the prime branch of aerospace engineering. This is frequently bewildered for rocket science is aerospace engineering, which is to keep away the disrespecting of any engineer, to a very great degree of compound and skill to accomplish or to deal with it. On the other hand engineering and science are two distinct disciplines. Rocket Science marks on math and science principles to elaborate how rockets operate. Prominence is given to Newton's Laws of Motion and the forces on a rocket as well as temperature, thrust, inertia, stability, center of gravity, performance and combustion, to clearly show and explain how satellites and astronauts are put into space. Rocket, is called rocket (from Italian ‘rocchetto’ bobbin) is a type of spacecraft, missile, aircraft or any other vehicle that obtains a thrust from its engine. Practical exhibition of different kinds of rockets as well as models of rockets will be used to help and understand the application of these principles. This paper outlines and elaborates the most important stages and principles, from birth to death of a rocket along with its merits and demerits. Keywords - PSLV(Polar satellite launch vehicle), GSLV (Geosynchronous satellite launch vehicle)