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Performance Analysis of LS Channel Estimation Technique for IEEE 802.11p WAVE System

IEEE 802.11p [1] based WAVE, which is a well-known wireless vehicular communication technology, is gaining worldwide attention as a medium/short range wireless communication system supporting public safety and personal communication between vehicles (V2V) and between vehicles and infrastructure (V2I) [2], [3]. However, accurate channel estimation is difficult under outdoor environments in the case of IEEE 802.11p based WAVE because data are transmitted in running vehicles. To overcome this difficulty, diverse studies on channel estimation are being carried out currently [4]-[8]. This study compared the symbol error rate (SER) performance between the perfect channel estimation method in an IEEE 802.11p based WAVE system and the LS channel estimation method using pilot signals. Index Terms - IEEE 802.11p, Wave system, Channel estimation, LS Channel estimation