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Study and Performance of Virtual Synchronous Generator

Compared to the conventional bulk power in which the synchronous machine dominates, the distributed generator/renewable energy sources unit have either very small or no rotational mass & damping property which plays a significant role in the grid stability. A solution towards stabilizing such a grid is to provide additional inertia virtually. A virtual inertia can be established for distributed generator/ renewable energy sources by using short term energy together with a power electronics inverter/converter & a proper control mechanism. This concept is known as virtual synchronous generator. This paper presents virtual control strategy based on voltage and frequency stability of the machine. Moreover, a virtual synchronous generator system is established based on the mathematical model of synchronous generator. The proposed design method has been validated through simulations, showing good response performance of synchronous generator. Index Terms - Virtual Synchronous Generator; Power Frequency Controller; The Excitation Controller; Frequency Stability; Voltage Stability