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Generation of Electricity by Train using Wind Turbine and Piezos

In this project we have attempted to create a new and innovative technique for generating electricity by using speed and weight of train. Due to movement of train, the air molecules get bifurcated and the air molecules flow in the counter direction of the train, these wind molecules in a very judicious manner will be trapped on the blades of wind turbine. Ultimately leading to generate electricity by the wind turbine. The wind turbine will be connected to a shaft, which is brought out and further connected to an alternator. Therefore the kinetic energy of wind will be utilized to generate electricity. Also by utilizing the weight of the train and vibration created due to this weight are being used to produce electricity by placing piezos beneath the track. In this way the weight of the train which was in vain can be used in a proper manner. Keywords - Train, air molecules, turbine, kinetic energy, generate, electricity, piezos.