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Foundational Research for Developing Smart Ankle Band type wearable to Correct Uneven Landing While Jump Roping

The purpose of this study was to develop smart ankle band type wearable to inform uneven landing while jump-roping. Subjects were five elementary school students who did not have muscularskeletal diseases within six months. Two IMU(CubeMotion,Korea) used todevelop “smart” ankle band type wearable. Peak acceleration of the right and left foot, right and left shank angle, and timingbetween two feet landings recorded. Students did jump-rope exercises while wearing theankle wearables for a five-minute period at 120bpm. There were three types of uneven landing: the difference between right and left shank angles, peak acceleration difference between right and left ankle, and the time difference between right and left toes touch the ground.Which of the three pieces of information will be effective for uneven landing correction will be a future task. Index Terms - Smart ankle band wearable, jump-roping,unevenlanding, injury