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The Study of 1kW Pico Turgo Water Turbines for High-Rise Building Electricity Used in Public Area

Thailand is one of the developing countries with High buildings constructed to meet the increasing populace. The country is located in the tropical zones which abundant rainfall during the rainy season. The rain water over the roof top of the building are left used and considered as the Waste and the Problems. This study will get use of the invaluable rain water from the rooftop of a High-Rise Building creating Head and Flow to drive a suitable Pico Turgo Turbine machine. The experiences of the gravity flow hydropower from a natural water and water fall resources is the primary concern and re-considered in this study. In the building under study, the rooftop has a tendency to store rainwater of 57.6 m3 at the building height 21 meter which is adequate Head and Flow of water stream down to run a Pico Turgo Turbine machine which is directly drive a 1 KW permanent magnet generator. The experimental Pico Turgo Turbine is consisting of a runner unit with 430 mm diameter, 4 water nozzles 10 mm diameter which have 17-degree angle of attack between water jet and bucket and 21 buckets with totally bucket area of 0.0072 m3. The power generated by the device was analyzed and compared with the theory. The theoretical calculation yielded 1,310 Watts of electricity and the experimental result indicated 950 Watts. This output was analyzed with experimental result yielded the efficiency of 72.51%. The output efficiency of this study model was respect to flow design and presented in the recommendation for future optimization use of rain water above ground surface that have a significant volume of water Head and Flow. Index Terms - Pico Turbine, High-Rise Building, Turgo Turbine