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Feasibility Study of on-Grid Solar-Wind Hybrid System at Wongsakorn Plaza Market

The global warming is caused by burning the fossil fuels for human activities. Renewable energy widespread equips for household activities, facilities and offices. This paper is to investigate the reduction of electricity consumption of Wongsakorn Plaza market, Saimai district, Bangkok by 10 percent. The solar-wind hybrid system is introduced to improve the efficiency of the electricity performance. The theoretical equations of solar photovoltaic and wind turbine are applied in the calculations, which the solar and wind data were collected from NASA and the Department of Energy Development and Promotion Thailand. The results shown that solar power output was 508.2 kWh/day and wind power generation was 31.2 kWh/day. The total hybrid system production was 539 kWh/day, therefore, it reduces the electricity consumption by 16.8 percent. The costs of this project were estimated to be around $240,000 USD which the income from electricity saving was around $29,510.25 USD, Therefore, the turnover period was approximately 8 years. Index Terms - Energy saving, Hybrid system, On-gird, Solar photovoltaic and Wind turbine,