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Flyback-Forward Converter for Stand-Alone PV System

DC-DC converter is a basic element for stand-alone photovoltaic power conditioning system. Here, a new topology is developed of three-port DC-DC converter, based on flyback-forward converter where the component count, conversion stage and overall mass is decreased. Here, the battery charger and the high step-up isolated DC-DC converter can be combined in a single unit with three-port converter topology. The input to the three-port converter is given using photovoltaic system, the other two ports are for storage system and the load. Flyback-forward converter is employed for the three-port topology which has the advantages like large voltage conversion ratio, small input current-ripple, galvanic isolation and high efficiency. PWM and Phase-shifted Control strategy is employed to transfer the energy to the high voltage output or to the battery. Open loop simulation of 1 KW flyback-forward converter and photovoltaic system is done in MATLAB. Index Terms- Photo-Voltaic, Maximum Powerpoint, State Of Charge, Three-port Converter