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Current Driven Zvzcs Full-Bridge Dc/Dc Converter For Electric Vehicle Battery Charging

DC/DC converter is part of a plug-in AC/DC converter used to charge the traction battery in an electric vehicle. The conventional topologies failed to operate the converter with zero current and zero voltage switching during no load condition resulting high voltage spikes in the output voltage. In order to confirm reliable operation of the full-bridge converter under wide load variations, the converter should not only operate with soft-switching from no-load to full-load condition, but also from full-load to no-load condition making full range of operation. For achieving such stringent requirements and high reliability, the converter employs a symmetric passive way near lossless auxiliary circuit to provide the reactive current for the full-bridge semiconductor switches, which guarantees zero voltage switching at turn-on times for all load conditions. This is a current driven topology in combination with a voltage multiplier in order to clamp the output voltage and also satisfy ZVZCS operation of the converter resulting in high voltage gain for all load conditions.