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Capacitive Fed With Electromagnetic Coupled Microstrip Patch Antenna For Wireless Applications

This paper describes new technique for wideband microstrip patch antenna. The enhancement of bandwidth is obtained in this paper. Microstrip patch antennas are very popular in wireless communication due their low profile, light weight structure. But Microstrip patch antennas has some drawbacks of low efficiency, narrow bandwidth of the central frequency, its bandwidth is limited to a few percent which is not enough for most of the wireless communication systems nowadays. This wide bandwidth can be obtained by capacitive fed with electromagnetic coupled MSA. The structure is suspended above ground plane. The technique also helps to improve the bandwidth of MSA. Antenna design is simulated using HFSS software. Dielectric Substrate of FR4 having dielectric constant of 4.4 is used. The antenna has a Voltage Standing Wave Ratio less than 2 in the frequency band “1.827-2.788GHz”.Hence wide bandwidth is achieved. The design and simulation results are presented in this paper.